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How is Selling an Estate Home Different?

There are many steps along the way from identifying the Administrator, to closing out the estate.  We can only scratch the surface here.  Contact us to set up a consultation.

Tax Implications—ideally, you would have consulted an Estate Attorney and CPA before inheriting the property,   If you do not already have an Estate Attorney or CPA, you should retain and consult these experts now as there are specific accounting and tax filing regulations related to estates.

 Financial Implications—aside from the sale of the house, valuable contents may need to be appraised if there are any struggles with determining a fair distribution.  This needs to be done before the home is cleared out.   Detailed records of all monies made and spent must be kept.

 Logistical Implications—you will have a lifetime of belongings, both treasured and unneeded to sort through, pack, sell, donate, and dispose of.  The house will need to be cleaned and possibly spruced up for sale.  All this will require a great deal of assistance, which we can provide.  Our role is to  oversee all aspects of the home sale and to coordinate with all other experts on your team.

 Emotional Implications—the death of a parent raises so many emotions.  Not just over the loss of the parent. There is the letting go of a home that holds so many memories. And the emotions that arise  over the distribution of the proceeds of the home sale and it’s contents.  We are always sensitive to these emotions when assisting a family with an estate home sale.

Selling Your Family Home

Settling the estate and selling a family home involves a tremendous amount of coordination at a time when you are least emotionally equipped to deal with it.  After decades with the same family, a home’s belongings need to be sorted and distributed and the house needs to be prepared for sale.  More often then not, family members responsible for the sale of the home are not living nearby so the empty house needs to be managed and monitored.

We are uniquely qualified to deal with these challenges of selling an estate family home, having assisted many families with the disposition of a home’s contents and finding the best buyer for the property.

Why Hire Us for your Home Sale?

We provide the level of service sellers expect when entrusting an agent with one of the most important transactions of their lives.  As with all home sales, we always strive for the best price the market will bear in the least amount of time.  Estate sales require a level of coordination and oversight above and beyond a typical home sale. Through the process we:

  • Offer consistent communications
  • Coordinate with your attorney and other advisers
  • Provide connections to professional services and coordinate when needed
  • Provide guidance in making decisions
  • Handle the details
  • Shield you from the hassles

As a certified Senior Real Estate Specialist, I have advanced education on how to help seniors and their families with real estate transactions.

We make sure that all our services are executed in a timely manner and with utmost professionalism.  Once you sign the sales paperwork with us, you can relax. Our team will manage the entire project and provide updates.  You literally can turn the key over and we will take it from there.

My team specializes in overseeing the entire process of preparing a home for sale and getting it sold, including:

  • Manage the entire process
  • Help sort through belongings
  • Bring in experts to identify items of value and to identify the best sale venue
  • Make recommendations on what to keep for staging the home
  • Arrange for packing supplies
  • Recommend packers and movers
  • Assist with the sale of furniture and valuable items
  • Take items of charitable value to the appropriate charities
  • Arrange for the disposal of whatever does not have value
  • Recommend service providers and manage the contractors
  • Stage the home
  • Distribute or dispose of any family items used for staging after the sale
  • Manage the empty property so that it is always show ready and secure

What the family does:

  • Help us identify what the family wants to keep and where it will be going
  • Pay contractors
  • Turn off utilities after the sale
  • Maintain lawn care and snow removal

Otherwise, just….Relax!